Remembering Shirley

We dedicate this page as a tribute to our coworker and friend Shirley Peterson who was sadly taken from us without warning on April 25, 2019.

Shirley worked with some of us for more than 30 years and throughout her career as a claims examiner, quality auditor, trainer, supervisor and finally manager she exemplified extraordinary skill, dedication, empathy, and professionalism and touched hundreds of lives. She took a personal interest in every person she trained or mentored over the years.

She was one of the most genuine people there was, herself in all situations, caring, generous, intelligent, ready to help anyone in need.  She brought light and so much fun to the office every day, a positive outlook, an encouraging word, and a fantastic sense of humor. She always had a story to share and made friends wherever she went personally and professionally, and everyone loved her.

Shirley was more than a coworker, she was a true friend and will be deeply and profoundly missed.

Remembering the good times:

She was my Sherlock and I was her Watson. Any hard COB verification I couldn’t figure out, Sherlock was on the case and she would always say “I got it Watson”

She also loved talking to me about my kids (especially my youngest who we dubbed “Miss Diva”)

She was the brightest light I ever knew, without a bad thing to say and always with a shining attitude.

I loved talking to her about movies and shows – we were both buffs that way, especially horror and kids movies.  She loved Toy Story.

She used to say, “There goes Ned, getting into trouble.” Ned = Nick, Eric, Diego
Anytime Shirley saw me with something she liked she'd say it was her birthday.

The one story that sticks in my mind, and it's a classic Shirley, is: We were in Thiensville in a meeting with all those involved with Abri.  Prior to starting the meeting, for whatever reason, we were discussing the use of “shorthand” as a writing tool and Shirley stated that she knew shorthand.  I said, “no you don’t” and she insisted that she did, so I asked her to show me.  Well in the usual Shirley fashion – she raised her right hand and placed it closed to her chest and said, “see shorthand”.

Whenever I was planning or getting ready to leave on vacation, she asked me to take her with me.

She was always cheery.  I only saw her upset once and it was because a person close to her had passed away.  How she managed to always be upbeat is beyond me – she just had no time to be down I suppose or thought it to be a waste of time.

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